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Welcome to Tech Wessex

Applauded, recommended and friendly, business IT support and all services thoughout Dorset and surrounding counties.

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Managed IT Services

Outsourcing your IT management will strategically optimise and protect your infrastructure with 24/7 proactive monitoring.


Cloud IT Services

The cloud is the future of small and medium business technology management.

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Security Services

Proactive, advanced security, backups and continuity systems protect your data and keep your business up and running.

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Providing thorough and complete IT roadmaps for small and mid-sized companies throughout the region.

Security First, Ease of Use, Amazing Service

Securing your business is not a cookie-cutter process. Each organisation has a unique technology setup, and so IT security solutions must be carefully tailored to each company. TechWessex provides IT security solutions that we’ll leverage to keep your business safe from online threats such as ransomware, adware, spyware, and hacker intrusion attempts.


Solutions for the Information Age

Tech Wessex’s managed IT services can help eliminate your company’s technology-based headaches.


Remote Workforce

Secure and practicle solutions for all office staff to work from home with full access to all regular
IT resources


IT Support | Helpdesk Services

Computer and network support for Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset and Devon’s small and midsized businesses.

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Tech Wessex’s IT Consulting Services

Providing thorough and complete IT roadmaps for small and mid-sized companies in the Wessex area.

About Us

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Tech Wessex  01305 300 320

Tech Wessex are an applauded and pragmatic IT services company. Our IT management and support model is a modern, security, solution oriented and cost effective approach to providing fully managed IT support services for small to mid sized organisations and businesses throughout the Wessex region; Dorset, Devon, Somerset and Hampshire.

As your dedicated IT support department we are 100% focused on creating a normalised state of the art IT infrastructure that can be proactively managed allowing us to attack issues before they become business interruptions.

Based in Weymouth, Dorset, we work closely with organisations from around the UK to build secure high performance networks and cloud resources. Our experts are strategic and creative – whether you need to repair your existing network, improve your security or expand or contract a network to fit new plans we can drive your organisation to greater digital efficiency on time on budget.

Why Tech Wessex?
IT Services Done Differently


We’re in this business to help other small businesses grow and move forward.  It’s as simple as that.  We’re driven by the philosophy that if we help local businesses solve their IT issues so they can become more profitable and successful, then we will inherently grow along with them.  There is no catch, no gimmick, just experience and best practices that we’ve honed over the years to make our services work for YOUR business needs.

An open letter from Paul Appleby. CEO Tech Wessex.
We’ve been providing the highest quality IT services since 2003.  As a business owner, I feel a lot of similar pain points as you.  Just like you, I know how much of a hassle it can be dealing with IT troubles.  It’s expensive, it’s time consuming, and it’s downright frustrating.  You pay your employees to work, but if their workstations aren’t working or the server is unreachable, they can’t do their jobs.

IT Support doesn’t need to be expensive or frustrating.  That’s why it is my personal goal to change the way you think about IT, and here’s how:

I [Paul Appleby] will give you 2 free hours of our service to show you that there is a better way to solve those day-to-day issues that plague businesses everywhere of all sizes.  If you don’t have an issue for us to solve right away, that’s fine; use your 2 free hours to have us run a full audit on your network infrastructure and map out any weak points, finding issues before they even occur.  That’s the Tech Wessex; proactive maintenance to prevent downtime.  We don’t wait around for things to break; we keep your business up and running all day, every day.  Why experience a loss in productivity or get slammed with high computer repair bills?  We want you to expand and grow.





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Thank you team for your excellent work on our webinar project your support was brilliant!

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