Advantages of an IT audit

You’re not Google, what could possibly go wrong that would necessitate such procedures?

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Minimise Real-World Risk and Maximise Strategic Advantage

Whether you own a small business or a major enterprise, you (or someone in your organisation) should be aware of your current IT systems and what to do if something goes wrong.

An IT audit will reveal the complete operation, processing, and communication architecture of an IT system, including software applications, online services, operating systems, security systems, and client-server networks and systems. It will also look at any potential security vulnerabilities and suggest ways to mitigate them.

It goes without saying that information technology is a significant aspect of company, and if something goes wrong, your firm is likely to grind to a halt because your ‘life’ is on that computer. Having an IT audit in place can give you peace of mind that you aren’t missing some major security problem that is lurking right under your nose.

IT Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is always an excellent place to start since it establishes a framework for what needs to be examined in greater depth. After the risks have been identified, there is a vision for how to apply IT audit controls to eliminate, mitigate, or accept those risks as part of the working environment.

Improves Data Security

Once you’ve begun to assess the security risks, you’ll be able to ensure that systems are in place to protect your data from potential threats. You’ll be able to stay ahead of the game and upgrade anything necessary to keep your company safe from cyber-attacks.

Identifies and prevents fraud

By evaluating and upgrading your IT procedures on a regular basis, you can help safeguard your company from fraud (which no one enjoys!). Deterrence is an important part of prevention. A company’s reputation may discourage an employee or supplier from attempting to defraud it if it is regarded to have an active and diligent audit system.

Evaluates current systems

Companies can use an IT audit to determine whether or not they are investing in the proper system. This will ensure that the system runs smoothly and that all of the system’s objectives and goals are met. Because technology and systems are changed so regularly, it’s possible that a superior solution is now accessible to you.

Enhances IT governance and compliance

An IT audit is required to determine whether all employees are adhering to company policies. This helps IT governance by providing a better understanding of additional hazards linked with IT systems.

If you’ve never had an IT audit and think now is the time, or if you’ve already had an IT audit but don’t have a staff to support these steps as well as your regular IT operations, contact us to learn more about our remote, fully managed, and co-managed IT support solutions.

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