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Written by paul

Sep 7, 2020
padlock on fence

If you use Chrome for your browsing pleasure be sure to update it, real nasty bug out there might get you. Easiest way to update Chome is to reboot your PC and log on again. Simple as that. Also reaches parts of the computer that not rebooting doesn’t reach.

padlock on fence

Your passwords are probably not good enough

Some time ago you thought of a great password that you’ll remember and a website would accept it because it had a numb3r and a Captial and some punctuation! characters and the website liked it and the website didn’t tell you off.
10 years ago that would have been just about OK. This is 2020 what do you think has happened to that way of thinking?
Of course that’s all wrong now.

It’s a fact that every website must have a unique and long password. Every-single-one. Don’t be lazy or some distant hacker will steal your money. Websites could help by telling you this; some do, most don’t and most people would ignore it anyway but as a 20+ year IT pro I’m telling you and everyone else – a long unique password is the only way or you’ll pay. Maybe not today but soon.
You’ll never remember them all of course. What you need is a really good master password that unlocks all the others.

Get the best password you don’t need to buy. Completly free and open source it’s been examined to death by people with much taller foreheads than me.

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