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Cyber Security for SMEs

Cybercrime has been reported by more than half of small and medium enterprises (SMBs). Every day, new stories emerge concerning data breaches, hackings, cyber-attacks, and other sorts of business crime.

Protecting the devices your staff utilise (laptops, mobile phone and tablets), as well as the systems they have access to, should always be a top priority, regardless of where they are working.

With large fines, brand harm, and even economic loss involved with data breaches, data protection is becoming an increasingly critical factor for organisations. Your Cyber Security strategy should be centred on data security, such as securing and preventing unauthorised access to sensitive information.

According to a survey, more than two-thirds of participating organisations had experienced at least one cyber assault in the previous 12 months, while one-third had not. Cyber security is a major worry for 66 percent of small firms. It can result in corporate and customer data breaches, unauthorised access to networks, and other issues. For a small-to-medium business, the average cost of a data breach is £120,000GBP.

As organisational data moves beyond the company’s control, the act of distributing ransomware and storing sensitive data is on the rise. Ransomware has evolved from simple malware to become more sophisticated and efficient. Local backups are now being targeted by cybercriminals, making it difficult for security personnel to restore encrypted data. Ransomware assaults are still an issue in cloud systems, and they are no longer limited to local networks.

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Furthermore, 80% of SMBs are concerned about being a target of cybercrime in the next six months. Furthermore, whether we’re talking about the cloud or emails, cyber-attacks are still a concern. Many governments have shifted to the cloud, but they are searching for better data security. Increased collaboration between intelligence and law enforcement agencies around the world to combat crime is one component of it. The rising use of applications, as well as the ubiquity of smartphones, constitute a huge threat to mobile security. Apps are used by consumers to enter sensitive data such as personal, financial, and banking information. To continue to develop new ways to withstand attacks and data leaks, these apps will need to evolve with new technology. Furthermore, as more apps migrate to the cloud, bad actors become more adept at escaping detection by typical security mechanisms and protocols.

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