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Tech Wessex provides first-class, strategic, and dependable IT assistance
to businesses and organisations of all sizes in Dorset.

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Fully Outsourced IT Service 

We understand that when it comes to IT Support, every staff member works differently and therefore offer different IT support channels.

Whether staff prefer to pickup the phone and speak to us, email us, use an online portal, a mobile app, a tablet or our unique hotkey instant connect feature, we have them covered.

This seamless blend of technology and our highly skilled and qualified engineers allow us to deliver a fully-managed IT service of unparalleled quality and flexibility.

Tech Wessex provides first-class, strategic, and dependable IT assistance to businesses of all sizes in Dorset. We’ll make sure your company’s IT environment is reliable and secure, and we’ll always be there to help your team stay productive and pleased. Our ideals and strategic focus will link your IT with your company’s long-term strategy, allowing you to expand without constraints or difficulties.

Our highly skilled and motivated team provides exceptional IT support as well as strategic guidance to fast expanding firms in Dorset. We’ve assisted fast-growing companies, as well as highly successful and private equity-backed businesses, with all facets of IT and data protection. We can assist you with due diligence, IT strategy, project consultation, office transfers, and more, as well as selecting the proper IT solutions, maximising the cloud, such as Office 365, and, of course, routine maintenance and delivery of a wonderful, UK-based responsive IT Support Service Desk in Dorset.

We provide best-in-class service as IT support and consulting specialists with a spirit of excellence and service to others. In fact, our aggressive and high-responsive strategy is highly praised by our Dorset clientele. And we work hard to be one of Dorset’s most competent, responsive, and forward-thinking managed IT support providers. We will spend time getting to know your business, goals, and future vision if you choose to collaborate with us for IT Services in Dorset. We truly want to become fully aligned with you, including all processes, people, and values. As a result, we will be able to fully contribute to the achievement of those objectives and visions. Our approach to working with clients is all about having a great relationship, a partnership built on balance and shared values, and as a crucial member of your team, we will commit to excellence and integration. Because your business is important to us, we provide IT support in Dorset businesses that is second to none. The ambition and passion to enable the success of your organisation is at the heart of all we do, from the IT Support we provide to the IT Strategy we develop. As a result, we will constantly go above and beyond to support you and your team, treating everything with urgency and importance, even the most basic tasks.

Indeed, we have some incredible success stories of award-winning Dorset-based clients that have partnered with our team for IT support in Dorset. Their success highlights the value of a well-coordinated and engaged Dorset IT Support company. We’d love to share their success stories with you, and we want to be a part of yours as well.

Frontline Business Centre

We are one of the region’s leading managed IT service providers providing IT support and system management to to nearly every sector.
We pride ourselves on offering a professional, quality and customer focused service.

Are you seeking for a local IT Support company to handle all of your IT so you can concentrate on your main responsibilities?

By offering a single point of contact for all of your technical support needs, we make technology simple. As we get to know your employees and form enduring relationships, one of our main focuses is to understand your company objectives.

Furthermore, 80% of SMBs are concerned about being a target of cybercrime in the next six months. Furthermore, whether we’re talking about the cloud or emails, cyber-attacks are still a concern. Many governments have shifted to the cloud, but they are searching for better data security. Increased collaboration between intelligence and law enforcement agencies around the world to combat crime is one component of it. The rising use of applications, as well as the ubiquity of smartphones, constitute a huge threat to mobile security. Apps are used by consumers to enter sensitive data such as personal, financial, and banking information. To continue to develop new ways to withstand attacks and data leaks, these apps will need to evolve with new technology. Furthermore, as more apps migrate to the cloud, bad actors become more adept at escaping detection by typical security mechanisms and protocols.

Tech Wessex have been supporting us at The Gresham Guest House since we took over in February. We have been really impressed by the speed of response and general level of support we receive.
5 star Google review.

Louise M

Paul is very knowledgeable and always willing to offer assistance. Highly recommended.
5 star Google review.
Jon B

Tech Wessex are highly experienced IT professionals. It’s been great working with Paul especially. Thanks!
5 star Google review.
Matthew N

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